Lesson Descriptions (En)

45 minute lessons anyone can enjoy!

S-File0098small2『Bellydance Fundamentals 基本動作』 For the complete beginner! This is a class for learning and practicing basic movements. No choreography.

60 minute lessons.

『Introductory level 入門』Are you ready to try some basic choreography? Introductory level is a choreography class for students starting to learn bellydance. Moves used in the choreographies will be explained. Beginners welcome.studioveilall

『Basic level 初級』Basic level is a choreography class for students who have learned some bellydance/have a rudimentary grasp of basic moves and technique.

『Turkish Oriental ターキッシュ初級』(Basic to Intermediate level) This is a choreography class for students with a basic understanding of bellydance moves. Bellydance is a blanket name for a wide variety of styles. Turkish Oriental includes all the familiar components like veil work, drum solos, and slow and fast songs but with a slightly Roma/Gypsy influence.

『Roma “Gypsy” Dance ロマ』(Basic to Intermediate level)The Roma (“Gypsy”) are an ethic group with a rich culture of music and dance. This class focuses on the rhythms and social dance of the Turkish Roma people. You will learn the footwork and gestures of Turkish Roma dance and gain an intense understanding of Turkish 9/8 rhythms. We will also explore how Turkish Roma dance is fused with bellydance and traditional skirt-dances for the stage to create dramatic performances.

S-File0335reduced『Zill Choreography ジル振付』(beginner to intermediate level) Want to start adding zills/finger cymbals to your bellydance? This is a choreography class for students who have a solid grasp of basic bellydance moves and a rudimentary understanding of finger cymbals. Please bring finger cymbals/zills.


『Intermediate Level Class 中級』This is an intermediate level class that occasionally uses choreography. It’s for the student with a strong understanding of bellydance basics and technique who wants a deeper knowledge of the roots, rhythms, styles, improvisational nature and props of bellydance. Currently this class is by invite only.


Other classes offered (these classes use a separate ticket system)

『Intensive Study 研修生制度This is for students who are interested in learning more about what it takes to become a professional belly dancer or dance teacher. It requires Hiromi Sensei’s permission/evaluation to join. If you are interested in learning more about this please contact us at studio@eva-belly